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Determine your specific needs

The reasons and characteristics for buying a property vary from person to person. It is therefore very important to discuss with me your specific needs before visiting a property. Before you meet with me, make a list of important characteristics and identify your specific needs such as location, price, type of property sought, number of rooms, environment, important utilities, etc.
 Check with your financial institution (for information only), how much mortgage you can afford. When the time comes to look at the best mortgage opportunity, I will really be there for you thanks to my many high-quality contacts.

Contact Me

Once you have completed your needs analysis, contact me. If you move to a location very far from the large area in which I work, I can refer you to a professional broker in the desired area.

Checklist for a property visit

When visiting properties, here is a checklist to help you choose one property over another. (Complete this form on each visit)

Expenses to be expected at the signing of the deed of sale

  • Notary fees
  • The distribution (refunds) of taxes:The calculation of the refund to the seller (if applicable) will be made from the date of occupancy and you will have to refund the seller for the number of days already paid by him, for the following property taxes:
    • Municipal taxes
    • School taxes
  • Oil tank а heating: If the property is equipped with oil heating, the seller must have the tank filled on the day of the deed of sale and bring the invoice to the notary, which the buyer must refund in full.
  • Electricity (Hydro-Québec) and gas (Gaz Métropolitain) meters The buyer and seller must notify Hydro-Québec and Gaz Métropolitain (if applicable) of the date of the change of ownership so that the meters can be read on that date, and so that the amounts can be charged to the buyer and seller respectively on the date the property is occupied.
  • Home Insurance: Remember that when you sign the deed of sale, you will need to provide proof that home insurance is in place for an amount equal to or greater than the mortgage in place.

Expenses to be expected after signing the deed of sale

  • Duties on transfers of immovables or “Welcome Tax”
  • The municipality in which you have moved will send you a transfer tax account within four (4) to six (6) months of signing the deed of sale, and it is calculated based on the sale price and according to the following schedule:
    • 0.50% on the first $50,000
    • 1.00% of 50,000 а $250,000
    • 1.50% over $250,000
  • Moving expenses, painting, decoration, etc.

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