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Do you dream of a big house by a lake? Is it really the property that meets your needs? Sometimes you have to know the difference between the house of your dreams and the one that really suits you. Before you start your research, take time to think.

Your needs

Each family has its own needs and priorities. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Is a dining room really necessary? And will the garage become another storage space?

Your tastes

Take into account your tastes. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, avoid houses that need major renovations. Favourite for a large plot of land? Remember that you will have to maintain it. If you prefer to live in the city to get closer to trendy services, venues and restaurants, expect to live in a noisier and less green environment. In short, set your priorities!

What is your budget?

Don’t make the mistake of buying a home whose price is beyond your means. To find the right property for you, adjust your needs to your budget. Once you become a homeowner, your investment will increase in value and allow you to choose a property closer to your ideal later on. At the beginning, remember to make a reserve for purchase and contingency costs. This does not include maintenance, insurance and repairs, whose annual costs are generally 2% or 3% of the price of the house.

Your environment

Your environment is also an important factor. Is there a daycare or school nearby and will your children be able to use public transport or will you have to drive them? Also think about the distance to work.

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